Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Member's Statement: Stony Plain & Spruce Grove Victims Services

On March 14, 2016, I presented a Member's Statement to the Legislature on Victim Services.

In the overwhelming aftermath of crime or tragedy in Alberta, people can access support, information and referral services through our network of Victim Services.  I am proud to say that the first RCMP Victim Services Society was formed in my Constituency of Stony Plain to serve the entire region in 1986. Last year the local unit assisted over 2600 people in our communities.

Trained volunteers called advocates provide services for those in need by working with RCMP and various community agencies. They assist victims by helping them to lessen the effect of immediate crisis.  We often think of crime or tragedy as something that happens to other people but in fact anyone can be a victim of crime. It is a daunting and traumatic event that can cause physical, emotional and cognitive difficulties.  It is a fact that early intervention always reduces the long term effects of trauma suffered. Victim services intervention correlates to victims experiencing increased confidence when dealing with the RCMP.

There is much to be proud of in this Made In Alberta solution. However, the needs and challenges are growing and funding resources are very limited.
An incredible amount of valuable volunteer hours are contributed to make Victim Services a success. While the number of crimes has risen - from over 58 000 files in 2008-09 to a staggering 71,647 files in 2013-14 - funding has been a continued challenge.

I am thankful to see how local communities have come together repeatedly to raise funds for this important issue. It requires dedication and tremendous amount of time and resources. Stony Plain and Spruce Grove Victim Services Website

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