Posted on Jun 5, 2018

Member's Statement: Acheson Industrial Area

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, I had the pleasure to speak in a Member's Statement about the Acheson Industrial Area

Ms Babcock: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am so proud of the part of Alberta that I represent, and I am so proud of our region, which is prosperous in large part because of the Acheson industrial area. The Acheson industrial area is one of Alberta’s largest economic engines. Consisting of 10,600 acres, it is the largest medium industrial area in Alberta. Three hundred businesses from small to large call Acheson home, and 50,000 people every day come from all over the Edmonton region and beyond to do work and business. Seven hundred and fifty billion dollars flow through Acheson annually, and it provides $15 million in taxes to help fund the services all Albertans need.

Acheson is also in a strategic location. It is serviced by three main highway corridors and by main line rail, is near three airports, and is only 35 kilometres north of the EIA. The success of the Acheson industrial area is due in part to the great work that has been done by the Acheson Business Association, members of which are present today and have been introduced. The Association is made up of businesses and professional people with the primary purpose of promoting the commercial, industrial, social, and civic interests of the Acheson industrial area and the surrounding communities. Since its inception in 2004 the Association’s unwavering business vision and commitment to our community have helped it to achieve much for Alberta. Looking to the future, sustainable development and balancing industry and environmental stewardship is the association’s mantra. Energy efficiency and green buildings and technologies are front of mind as the Acheson industrial area moves forward.

Their community efforts include numerous fundraising events like Make a Difference Christmas Campaign and the new Hockey for Hampers, and proceeds from their annual golf tournament and participation in the Coldest Night of the Year go directly to the Parkland Food Bank Society. Mr. Speaker, we are fortunate to have the Acheson industrial area and the Acheson Business Association not just in my region but in Alberta. Thank you.

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