Posted on Feb 24, 2016

FCSS New Facility in Stony Plain - Feb 2016

I was honoured today to be included in the Grand Opening of Stony Plain FCSS' new home. As you all know, Family and Community Support Services has been in Alberta for almost 50 years and offers a range of community-based programs and services that are preventive and enhance social well-being. FCSS programs help improve Albertans’ quality of life and their ability to prevent or deal with crisis situations, but the programs and care that FCSS provides also builds community. Communities aren’t only based on geographical location, it’s about connecting people. Connecting new mothers, youth with mentors, making sure seniors aren’t isolated but welcomed, and helping all Albertans through these tough economic times.

In September Minister Irfan Sabir committed to raise funding to FCSS by an additional $10 million to meet the changing and expanding needs of children, families and seniors across the province. Albertans rely on these programs to support their well-being and strengthen our communities. This brings annual funding to $86 million, which is at least 80% of the funding for FCSS at the provincial level. And I know that many municipalities pay more into FCSS than is required because it is money used locally for the good of the community by local leaders. FCSS is an excellent example of a partnership between the province, our municipalities, our local business, and volunteers.

In addition to FCSS funding, Human Services invests another $298 million in prevention and early intervention supports for families and children because it is through prevention and intervention that we avert the true social and financial costs of crises.

The efforts of volunteers are critical to the success of FCSS – from programs like Adopt-a-Driveway to the Clean Scene Peer Club and the local board. So thank you so much to the volunteers for your contributions to the health and wellbeing of our community. And the volunteerism in our communities is what makes our people one of Alberta’s strongest assets.

While we work with the Ministries on long term solutions for the challenges facing Albertans today, Stony Plain’s FCSS is one of the places we can, and do, confidently refer residents to because we know they will receive the advice and assistance they need.

Congratulations on your beautiful new facility!